Service and Promotional Restrictions

  • All promotions, Birthday Oil Changes, coupons, emails, web or print-based advertisements are for most passenger cars and light trucks
  • All promotions require a printed copy of the promotion, email, text message or are able to be displayed on your electronic device's display
  • Foreign, Imports, 4x4's, AWD’s, Trucks, SUV’s or any vehicle with aftermarket modifications or accessories may have additional parts and/or labor charges
  • Prices do not include core charges, applicable taxes, disposal fees or shop supply fees
  • We reserve the right to refuse promotional prices or services if necessary
  • Prices and services are subject to change without notice
  • Tires are excluded from all promotions except those of the respective manufacturers
  • No discounts available for Fleet Vehicles
  • Virginia State Inspections, are excluded from all promotions except for promotions specifically stating “VA State Inspection”
  • STORAGE CHARGES: Vehicles left for more than 10 days from job completion will be charged $15.00 per day storage until the job is paid in full and the vehicle is removed from our premises


Revised 9/14/2016