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Troutville Tire Pressure Monitoring System Repair

Troutville Tire Pressure Monitoring System Repair by Cavalier AutomotiveA Tire-Pressure Monitoring System is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles. It reports tire-pressure information to the driver either via a gauge, pictogram display, or warning light. The TREAD Act of 2000 mandates the use of TPMS technology in all light motor vehicles to help alert drivers of low-pressure conditions.

Benefits of a TPMS system:

  • Fuel Savings
  • Extended Tire Life
  • Decreased Downtime and Maintenance
  • Improved Safety
  • Environmental Efficiency

Other detail:

Most TPMS systems use sensors that wirelessly transmit data to the car’s computer. They are equipped with built-in batteries that have a normal life expectancy of 4-5 years. Battery replacement is not an option – the sensors have to be replaced.

Frequently, there will be a spike in customers with inaccurate TPMS lights in the spring and fall. Sudden changes in air temperature can cause the air pressure in the tires to fluctuate quickly and lead to the illumination of the light. If this is the case we normally find all four tires to be 3-4 psi low or high.

Sensors normally have to be reprogrammed after each tire rotation or tire replacement.

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