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What You Need to Know Before Bringing Your Pet on the Road this Summer

What You Need to Know Before Bringing Your Pet on the Road this Summer

Summertime for Southwest Virginians usually entails taking a trip to the lake or the beach. If you plan on taking a trip with your family this summer, consider letting your furry companion(s) tag along. We're sure they want in on the fun too!   If you want to travel on the road with your pet(s), be prepared to do some additional packing and preparation. Here are our top tips for road-tripping with animals: Protect your pet. Your pet safety should, without question, always be a priority. Create a safe and comfortable environment for your pet in the car. Please avoid leaving your animal unrestrained in the vehicle. In circumstances where you might have a window open, your cat or dog could lean too far over and accidentally fall out. Braking too abruptly can also send your pet flying from one part of the car to the other. We recommend that you bring a kennel or some harness to keep your furry friend protected.  Remember to pack appropriately for your pet. It always helps ... read more

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