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What Damage Can Speed Bumps Do To Your Vehicle?

What Damage Can Speed Bumps Do To Your Vehicle?

Short of those living in the Serengeti, most of us have encountered those ridges in the road to slow down our speed to keep pedestrians safe. While sometimes frustrating, those speed bumps do their job and don't damage your car when you cross them at the correct speed. The recommended speed going over those bumps is 5 mph. Yes, a mere crawl. The rule of thumb is that the higher the speed bump, you drop your speed to between 2 and 4 mph. Speed bumps can vary in height from three to six inches. While you may be tempted to accept the jostling and go over them at higher rates of speed, each time you do you are actively doing harm to your car's suspension, steering, alignment, and tires (and sometimes your exhaust). Suspension Your car absorbs road changes via shocks. Think of them as springy coils that normally go up and down gently. When you go over a speed bump too fast, the shocks absorb the weight of your car suddenly which can cause them to bend out of shape affecting ... read more

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