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5 Car Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Whenever you're in your car and you hear any noise come from your car's engine you know it needs immediate attention. It's never something you want to ignore or attempt to wish away; you want things looked at and taken care of. It's always helpful if you can have a slight idea of what the noise can be indicating is wrong or even if you can identify what the noise is. There are some specific noises you should be aware of so when you hear it you know to head directly to the repair shop!

Five Noises to Listen For:

  1. Chirping or squealing in your engine. If you notice a squealing noise when you are accelerating or even when you start your vehicle there is a problem. There could be an issue with your accessory belt, or you may need a new serpentine belt. You may also have something wrong with your timing belt, fan belt or V-belt which all could be experiencing wear and tear.
  2. There's a clicking, popping, or snapping sound. If you are hearing any of these sounds while you are turning then you're having an issue with your constant velocity joints. If this isn't taken care of you could end up with a broken axle.
  3. Any grinding noises. If you start your car and hear your engine grind the starter motor of your car needs to be checked immediately. If you hear this while shifting gears there is an issue with your transmission.
  4. Rattling, rumbling, or sputtering noises. There could be a hole in your exhaust system. You could also hear these noises while sitting which could indicate an issue with your engine. Your catalytic converter could be going bad when you hear this.
  5. Hissing noises… this can signify a multitude of problems. It could be your engine running hot, a vacuum leak, you have fluids leaking to hot parts of your engine, or even that your catalytic converter is plugged.

Noises can happen and aren't something you should ignore. If you hear any of these noises it needs immediate attention; bring it in to our auto repair shop today!

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