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What Does the ABS Warning Light Mean?

Your vehicle has many dashboard warning signs, including the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) warning light. While you may not see them that often, it can be challenging to understand the exact problem at hand. While you know the ABS warning light is associated with your braking system, it could mean different things. To understand the type of issues that can occur with your ABS, you need to know what exactly it is.


The antilock braking system is in a secondary brake system that ensures the wheels on your car are all turning at a similar speed. If you find yourself in a hazardous situation, such as hydroplaning, the ABS will come into play and keep you in control of your vehicle. As the name states, it prevents your brakes from locking up.


Many sensors come into play. Whenever any of the sensors pick up an unusual sign from one or more of your tires, the ABS warning light will light up on your dash. The light signals that your ABS needs professional attention.


Some problems that can arise and cause the ABS light to illuminate: 

  • A blown fuse 
  • Low brake fluid levels
  • Damaged wheel speed sensors
  • Bad ABS module
  • Worn hydraulic pump

Sometimes, the ABS will blink or flicker. Depending on your vehicle, the number of times it flashes represents a code that a professional can decipher to better understand the cause of the issue. 


What Should You Do When the ABS Light Comes On?

One of the very first things you should try is to restart your car. Your vehicle computer will recheck all the sensors upon startup to see if there are any irregularities. Sometimes, the light will go away, but if it comes on again, it means that there's an actual problem with the ABS. The next step is to take your car to a trusted auto shop like Cavalier Automotive. Our expert team can inspect and run tests to get to the bottom of the problem. If you require ABS repair, please give us a call or visit us in Troutville, VA, today.

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