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What Is TPMS? And What Does It Do?

Your vehicle's tire pressure monitoring system is a system in most vehicles capable of detecting early signs of overinflated or deflated tire pressure. The system is also known as TPMS. The system has sensors that send a warning light to your dashboard whenever it reads an unsuitable psi. The warning light is often depicted as a horseshoe shape with an exclamation point in the center. The tire pressure monitoring system is built to alert you when you require maintenance and a manual pressure reading.


Whenever the TPMS light comes on, it is essentially telling you that there is something wrong with your tires. Whenever the light comes on in the middle of your drive, it most likely means your tires are underinflated. We recommend you pull over to a safe location at your earliest convenience and manually examine your tires with a pressure gauge tool.


If you notice that the TPMS light is on, but you're unsure when it came on, you more than likely have at least one tire with incorrect pressure. Both underinflated or overinflated tires are equally as dangerous to drive with.


How Much Pressure Do My Tires Need?

Tire pressure can be measured in two units: psi (pound-force per square inch) and kPa (Kilopascal). In the US, we primarily use psi. To find the specific PSI that your tires need, you should study the sticker on your vehicle's door frame. Do not exceed the recommended psi because overinflation of tires will do more harm than good. Overinflated tires will result in poor traction and premature wear; your tires will wear in the center. Underinflation will lead you to have a slower reaction time and lowered fuel economy. Consequently, underinflated tires will show wear on their outer tread.


If the TPMS light lights up on your dash and subsequently turns off while driving, it is usually related to the fluctuation of the tire's temperature. Drastic temperature changes are a common problem that will set off the TPMS. If the TPMS light flickers repeatedly, it is a sign that the light is malfunctioning.


If you need TPMS repair, please bring your vehicle to Cavalier Automotive today! Our expert team proudly serves the Troutville, VA area.

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