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Why Are Spare Tires Smaller Than Regular Tires?

If you are a victim of a flat tire, the first thing you'd hope for is to have a spare on you. The first thought that pops in someone's head whenever they see the spare tire is: why is it smaller than a regular tire? They are thinner and sometimes referred to as a 'donut.' 


Your spare tire or donut is made to be small to maximize trunk space. The spares have a shallow tread with a narrow width and small diameter. It is also made with lighter materials, making it easier to lift and fit your vehicle whenever you experience a flat.


Small spare tires manage to keep the weight of the vehicle down. If a spare tire were the size of your standard tires, it would add excess weight to the car. More weight means more gas consumed.


Spare tires are also small because it is cheaper for the original manufacturer to make. It's an economical production cost and keeps the actual price of the vehicle down.  


It's important to remember that the donut tire is only a temporary fix, which is why it is smaller. Most spares are only good for approximately 100 miles and only to be driven under 50 mph. The spare tire is made to get you to a desirable destination where you have it replaced with a full-sized tire.


Spare tires are not built to last, so using them past the 100-mile mark is ill-advised. Once you get a flat, please have your regular tire repaired and reinstalled as soon as possible.


An impaired tire can lead to a significant impact on handling and alignment. Tire blowouts and flat tires are not predictable, but your tires can last several years with proper care. For the best tire service and maintenance in Troutville, VA, please bring your vehicle to Cavalier Automotive. Our automotive technicians are always happy to help!

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