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Why Isn't My Car A/C Cold Enough?

Your vehicle's AC going out can turn an easy, comfortable ride into an unpleasant experience. Nobody would like to sit in a hot sweltering car, even for a few minutes. Your car AC not blowing cold air could be due to various reasons. Repairing could mean something as simple as recharging the AC refrigerant or something as complex as slipping the compressor clutch to restore the system to its top performance.

So Why Is Your Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

The AC Refrigerant Needs a Recharge

Unless you operate in very hot regions, your AC might not need recharging for at least three years. Your vehicle's AC system is a pressurized enclosed system that constantly recirculates the refrigerant. Unfortunately, these pressurized systems tend to develop leaks at one time or another. As the leaking persists, the refrigerant level keeps reducing until it is way below the limit, impacting the AC performance. Of course, with a bit of knowledge, you can recharge the AC yourself. However, if you value quality, this task is better off done by the experts to guarantee precision.

A Faulty Compressor

Your AC compressor depends on the refrigerant to keep the system running. If the refrigerant runs out, your vehicle automatically disengages the compressor to prevent damage. If you do not hear the clunking noise immediately after turning on the compressor, you might want to have it inspected.

A Blocked or Broken Condenser

Your AC condenser keeps the refrigerant cool and converts hot air into cool air as it flows through the AC blower. The air then blows through your vehicle's AC vents into the passenger cabin. With time, dust and debris might accumulate within the condenser, blocking it. If ignored, the vents will keep blowing hot air into the cabin, overheating the car. This heated air might end up damaging the condenser.

No driver deserves to tolerate being in a hot, uncomfortable, and stuffy car. All the same, the best way to deal with such problems is to let our professional mechanics address and correct them. They are well trained, experienced, and equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment required for repair.

If you need AC service and repair, visit our auto repair shop today and let us help you get back to your driver's seat happier and more comfortable.

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